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Funny-Poem-Me Plus You

Me Plus You

I think this day is exceptional
To reminisce your life in array
To commemorate,when the sun stretches his ray
Seeing your euphoric face is like flowers in may
So I am here with you willing to stay
Simply smiling and nothing to say
Hoping will be together since that day.

Thank you for being my inspiration
Always there,like air that finalizes my respiration
And helps me release,like sweat that unexpurgate my perspiration
Knowing you more can abandon me from yesterday’s rejection
Perhaps realizing that I am in the state of transformation
Because you are change my life to its fullest alteration

So now I am here staring at you…
Ensnaring the best of the best moments of me and you
Fascinated by your perfect smile,enraptured by your eyes that is so blue
And I am here waiting patiently and saying this

Incomparable statement: I love you.

Do you love me too?

By Wil Jalipa

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