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Friendship Poem-How Can You Live Every Moment

How Can You Live Every Moment

They say to “Live every moment, laugh everyday, love beyond words”
But how can you live every moment when one moment haunts you forever?
How can you laugh everyday when you hurt so badly?
How can you love beyond words when you know you will be beaten down and crushed by the ones you love most?
So ripe out my heart and spare me three words
So I can die deep inside before they hurt me even worse
Spare me the years of heartache and pain
And let me cry myself to sleep tonight
I’ll make it on my own for I can’t make with them
Let the devil purchase my soul
Because the pain he will deliver can’t be worse than the pain right now
So kill me well….oh so well
R.I.P to the devil’s hell

Dedicated to all my friends- this is what you did.

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