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Funny-Poem-Golden Maiden

Golden Maiden

I woke up in the morning,
Hearing the knock of my front door.
I never knew what love was,
I never knew before.
I saw the golden maiden
From all my forgotten dreams.

Now I finally realized,
Life was better then what it seems.
I have no further regrets,
I have nothing else to say.
If love is forbidden,
I will love her anyway
You can’t help me,you can’t stop me.

I love her with all my might.
You cant hurt me,you can’t stop me.
The golden maiden is all my light.
I woke up in the midnight,
hearing the ringing in my ear.
I turned off the alarm and checked
if anyone was here.

When I didn’t see her
I then started to cry.
Then I heard an angels voice
and saw a golden spark within my eye.
I saw my goddess,the golden maiden
I knew that everything was alright.
I gazed upon her,my golden maiden
Forever spellbound by the night.

By James

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