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Love Poem-Yours and Mine

Yours and Mine


The moon and sun have lost their shine
the night stars are no longer mine
the world I once had on a string
are now among my precious lost things
the telephone no longer rings
his favorite song I no longer sing
his favorite dress that I use to wear
reminds me that he no longer cares
his coffee cup up on the sink
only makes me stop and think
of all the times and wines we shared
while building dreams out in the great somewhere
our walks and talks upon the beach
with those dreams just slightly out of reach
believing our love was strong and true
never wanting any man but you
but now someones dreams have withered and died
there will be no more sandcastles in the sky
that breathless feeling is no longer there
or the thrill of a kiss that once was
gone is the lovelight from the eyes
someones dream has withered and died
it's sad to know it was yours and mine !

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