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Love Poem-There you were

There you were..


My eyes were waiting,
When you said you'd come..
Each breath of mine
Felt the nearing heaven.

The strings of my heart hummed,
With the slightest of sound.
I opened the door and
Was looking around..

Then someone touched me from behind,
I wished it was you..
But what i saw instead,
Was my scariest view..

There stood them all
With their hats in their hands..
Pointing the respect,
Their heads slowly sank.

I didn't know what to say.
I just remembered your words.
You asked me to wait!
You said you'll come!

I was spending my life in tears
With sleepless nights..
Protecting myself away
From the conflicts inside..

Then i learned about your love
When i fell on the bed..
You came into my dream,
To keep those words you said!

There you were..
Fondling me firm all the way!
And "I knew you would come",
Was all i could say..

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