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Funny Poem-Tumse mila main kal to

Tumse mila main kal to...

Tumse mila main kal to,

mere dil mein hua ek sound,

Lekin aaj tum mili to kahti ho:

Your file not found!

Aisa bhi nahin hai ke,

I don't like your face

Par dil ke computer mein,

nahin hai enough disk space

Ghar se nikalti ho tum jab,

pehen ke evening gown

Too many requests se,

ho jaata hai server down

Tumhaare liye pyaar ki application,

create main karoonga

Tum usse debug karna,

wait main karoonga

Tumhaara intezaar karte karte,

main so gaya

Yeh dekho mera connection,

time out ho gaya


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