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Funny-Poem-We are Through

We're Through

Mel Gibson and I are through, well just what's a girl to do
It's always been a one sided kind of affair
while I've admired his strong, tanned arms
He's never once noticed MY charms
I'm still single- when we could have been a pair.

I've sat in the front row, looking closely at my beau
as he dodged the flying bullets with the cops,
But my cleavage went unnoticed
while as a hero he was toasted
I went home alone to Milo and bedsocks.

If an hour or so he'd proffered, I could have shown him what I'd offer
With me legs waxed and me hair dyed, I can dream,
When it came to big romance
it seems I never stood a chance
against those Hollywood starlets on the silver screen.

I've sighed at night alone, waiting by the telephone
and I've sent him loving letters, you can scoff!
I thought my lemon sponge
would have made him take the plunge
But my air of mystery never did take off.

Mel, I've had enough, I've got me pride, and this is tough
But we're finished now, what have I got to lose?
dash it all, it breaks my heart, but we really have to part,
oh! and while I'm at it, the same goes for Tom Cruise.

by Tess Rowley

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