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Funny-Poem-Love And Life

Summer Day

Shall I compare you to a summer day?
With clear sky and sun light shine on your face.
And the smell of flower and grass all over the place.
Shall I compare you to a summer day?

With the heat of May that I always hate.
And with the rain hurry come then fade.
Shall I compare you to a summer day?

By Ryan


Love And Life

I’ll keep you in my heart,
If you promise not to break it.

My eyes open as much as your love for me does,
and that’s why I’m blind!

My heart got broken becuase I needed to move on

I cried because its over,
I bleed because you loved me,
I dreamed Once Upon A Time

I love you so much I can’t let you go,
I hate you so much. You got to go!

You truely don’t know me
You know the person I want you to know.

By Tyra McCabe

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